What T4 Hub does

T4 Hub does what no other software service has done before. It makes a complete newsroom system that doesn’t require lots of staff.


Major newsrooms have developed successful systems over the years, but these rely heavily on many staff members working together using sophisticated editorial systems.


T4 Hub journalism is about supporting the work of real media groups by providing independent and exclusive quality content for publishers. T4 Hub allows teams to be established across the globe, working together to rebuild trust in the profession.


T4 Hub was first developed in 2002 for use in a European news agency, and it quickly became apparent that the system had introduced a wealth of power to expand and integrate remote workers into the news gathering, writing and editing process. The software was soon rebuilt into a second version that automated many of the daily administrative tasks. Now after 15 years of real-world testing the next generation of T4 Hub has been made available to the world as a contribution to the future of the journalism profession.


With T4 Hub, quality journalism comes back to life and teams of professional independent journalists can be the vital weapon in the fight against fake news.

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