T4 Hub manages editorial news flows

With T4 Hub you can utilise the news flow processes that previously were only available in large national newsrooms with many staff members.


The proven real-world editorial processes in T4 Hub are integrated into an easy-to-use cloud-based environment so independent freelancers can form editorial teams to improve the quality of their work and create a better, more reliable income model for the whole team.


The heart of the system, a daily news list, is managed by a colour-coordinated workflow system.


Separate desks are available if needed for specialised, or larger teams.


An integrated tracking system ensures ordered work is prioritised, and instantly reprioritises for newly accepted commissions.


An intelligent dashboard gives team performance overviews as well as productivity and income statistics for teams or individuals.


Analytic modelling highlights problem areas and reveals vital information on the most profitable business areas for increased production investment.


Records on organisations, from reliable news publishers to fake news outlets, are kept to assist users and warn of news items that are fake or doubtful.