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T4 Hub is an initiative of the Fourth Estate Alliance, a social enterprise helping independent journalists overcome an increasingly tough media landscape by connecting together in virtual newsrooms to produce quality news and enjoy the advantages that were previously only for journalists in large national newsrooms.

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T4 Hub integrates operations and procedures from real newsrooms into a cloud-based environment

T4 Hub creates global teams to maximise productivity and enable safe editing capabilities

T4 Hub sends your output direct to publishers and uses complex matching for the best audience

T4 Hub manages cuttings and invoices, allowing more time to concentrate on your journalism

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This May 3 let’s remind people to pause and contemplate the value that a free press adds to modern society. It’s a good time to evaluate press freedom around the world, defend journalists and publications from attacks on their independence, and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives while working to inform […]


If you have ever experienced the frustration of extracting information from public bodies intent on blocking you every move then you will know the value of clear information on your legal right of access, and the Legal Leaks Toolkit may be what you need. The toolkit, by Access Info Europe and n-ost, helps journalists obtain information using access […]

The education director of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Andreas Schleicher believes schools need to help make students capable of handling the onslaught of fake news. Mr Schleicher believes this is a “global competency” and wants teenagers to look beyond the social media “echo chamber”, where they might hear only views like […]