Want to see how T4 Hub works in a live setting?

The best way to understand what T4 Hub can offer you is to spend a few days with our training agency using the T4 Hub software.

Here you will see how the T4 Hub empowers the daily operations that feed not only local and national media in the UK, but also the global news media.

You will also see how T4 Hub tackles the task of managing orders, invoicing clients, and the many other operations that make a news agency successful.

We are offering free, one-week training sessions where you work in our virtual newsroom to understand what we do and how T4 Hub works. Afterwards you can have the opportunity of continuing to work as part of an existing team by joining one of our global newsrooms. There is also the opportunity to establish your own group, helping to expand the project and the mission – namely to make journalism great again.

If you wish to be considered for the free, one-week training programme, then please get in contact with us to arrange a date. New journalists will need to supply details of your educational qualifications and any work experience, and experienced journalists will need to supply five bylined articles which showcase your journalistic talents and justify your request to be part of the project.