Mozilla joins the fight against fake news

Mozilla, the creator of a popular web browser, Firefox, has decided it is time to tackle fake news.

On August 8, 2017 the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, which believes the Internet must always remain a global public resource that is open and accessible to all, announced the creation of the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI) – a comprehensive effort to keep the Internet credible and healthy.

The approach will be a multi-faceted effort to keep the Internet credible that uses newly developed technology, public education, research and electronic interventions to disrupt fake news.

“Mozilla is developing products, research, and communities to battle information pollution and so-called ‘fake news’ online. And we’re seeking partners and allies to help us do so.

“The impact of misinformation on our society is one of the most divisive, fraught, and important topics of our day. Misinformation depletes transparency and sows discord, erodes participation and trust, and saps the web’s public benefit.

“In short: it makes the Internet less healthy. As a result, the Internet’s ability to power democratic society suffers greatly.”

Mozilla’s products have a deep reach into users of the Internet and is well placed to make an impact. Stay tuned.