News agencies look to IPSO to counter “fake” allegations

News agencies are applying for membership to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) in “a bid to counter the explosion of fake news claims currently being made online.”

The UK’s Press Gazette reported on March 13, 2017 that the British-owned agency, Central European News (CEN) is the second to be seeking membership with IPSO after the Press Association (PA).

CEN owner, Michael Leidig explained that his move was a result of “fake” claims becoming a means for some websites to increase their traffic through offering up fake news themselves.

“It is absolutely crazy at the moment,” said Leidig. “If you do a story that goes viral, on the back of that interest stories start springing up alleging that the story is fake.

“Often the organisation making the allegation does so not only for clicks, but because the story was published by a rival.

“This is just madness, making allegations about fake news against commercial rivals or those whose political stance you dislike is further undermining faith in the business which is already at a record low.”

“Fake” claims should be put to the independent organisation rather than rushing to publish accusations that could easily be false and damaging said Leidig, who means to position CEN as standing apart from viral content producers and subjects to IPSO’s Editor’s Code.