Charting the trustworthiness of news outlets

In December 2016 Vanessa Otero, a patent attorney from Denver, Colorado created an infographic describing her take on US online news outlets and their trustworthiness.

Vanessa Otero’s take on the trustworthiness of US news outlets

The graphic represented outlets in terms of liberal to mainstream to conservative leanings and rated their journalistic quality from sensationalist clickbait publishers to complex news analysts. It didn’t take long for it to go viral and you can read Vanessa’s explanation of her thinking behind it on her blog. But just how trustworthy is Vanessa’s attempt to map these news outlets, or even the matrix she used?

I like what Vanessa has tried to do here and she appears to bbe a calm and reasoned commenter, but this is the interpretation of just one person and shouldn’t be taken as either factual or extensively and randomly researched. Nevertheless her intent was good and it has got me thinking: “What if this information was extensively and randomly sourced, then published?”

In fact, I would love to see these, and other news outlets from around the world, rated on these two axes by a large public survey, plus a targeted survey of players with expertise in this arena like professionals from journalism, law, government, policy, administration, etc.

What do you think? Funding anyone?