Not everything went well for Facebook in 2016

Technology journalist, Olivia Solon, thinks 2016 might be the year of big regrets for the technology giant, Facebook.

The year may have started well for founder, Mark Zuckerberg but it quickly went downhill, and then culminated in the social network being accused of influencing the US election through publication of blatantly fake news.

As a serial publisher of news produced by other organisations, this should perhaps have been expected. Facebook has 1.79bn users and earns billions in advertising to them. And media expert, Gordon Borrell believes Facebook took US$1bn away from print publications in in 2016.

“Things came to a head in November, when the social network was accused of influencing the US presidential election through politically polarized filter bubbles and a failure to tackle the spread of misinformation,” wrote Solon. “The icing on the already unpalatable cake was Pope Francis last week declaring that fake news is a sin.

“As the year unfurled, Facebook had to deal with a string of controversies and blunders, not limited to: being accused of imperialism in India, censorship of historical photos, and livestreaming footage of human rights violations.

“Not to mention misreported advertising metrics and the increasingly desperate cloning of rival Snapchat’s core features,” she adds.